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Lent Begins Wednesday 2nd March!

As our lent course this year, we want to encourage everyone who can to sign up for the Bible Society’s Lent Encounter, which we think will be a brilliant way to engage with God and meet him in new ways together.

Then, in our home groups, we’ll be sharing highlights from the week’s material and reflecting on these together. So if you’re not able to access email, joining a group is a great way to make sure you can still take part! 

If you’re not currently in one of our groups but would like to join one for the lent period, just contact us and we will gladly get you signed up.

But whether or not you join a group, do make sure you to sign up for free, and you’ll receive your daily email packed with content produced by The Bible Society, including:

Andrew Ollerton takes us on a tour of the Holy Land with videos of places from some of the most significant points of Jesus’ life 
Bible Society staff share personal reflections on themes such as love, rejection, hope and peace
Prayers and conversation starters for you to reflect on and share with others
Weekly ‘Wonder Walks’ with a guide to explore God’s word and meditate as you walk
Go deeper into God’s word and consider some big life questions along the way.

 To sign up, just head over now to: